Residential Painting Contractors: Home, Apartment & Condo Painting Services in Longmont, CO

Changing the look of a Longmont house can be as simple as a home painting service on the outside, or different colors and accent walls inside. Our painters have the superior quality, professional expertise and on time scheduling to provide a great job on a budget, we ensure a clean and vibrant area when we leave. We will help you choose the colors that convey what you envision. Our painting contractors are ready to handle any of your upcoming paint projects, just give us a call.

Interior Services by Longmont House Painting Company

Certain areas of your Longmont home require different types of paint and different intervals of repaint periods. Hallways, entryways, and trim around doors and window are considered high-traffic and need repainting more often, with more durable paint. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are considered wet areas and require paints resistant to mold and mildew. Areas like bedrooms and living rooms are considered low-traffic and require the least amount of repainting.

Exterior Home Painting in Longmont

Your exterior paint needs to stand up to Longmont’s weather events like rain, snow, and wind. It needs to resist fading from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The main purpose of exterior paint is to protect the outside surfaces of your house and by extension, everything inside. It needs to keep moisture off your siding, framing, insulation and away from your foundation. Because it is so imperative that your home is protected, the outside of the home should be repainted every three to five years.

Longmont Painters Do More Than Houses

Exterior house painting encompasses more than just your house. We will stain or paint your fences, sheds, decks and more. We use Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat stain lines and through extensive training ensure they perfectly adhere to the material underneath. There are many types of woods and other surface materials used on properties around Colorado, each with their own specific considerations. Our residential painting professionals are trained to identify different types of woods and surfaces, then adjust their technique or paint to ensure the proper adherence for longevity.

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Precision Painting & Finishing can handle any interior or exterior painting project in Longmont. Whether you need a commercial or residential painting contractor, you can trust us to provide a great looking paint job that will look great for years to come. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate or learn more about our comprehensive line of painting, staining and coating services. 

Precision Painting & Finishing is a full service painting, staining and garage floor coating company located in Broomfield, CO. Our team can handle any interior or exterior painting project for your Colorado home!


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