Painting Contractor: Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Longmont, CO

Our Longmont painting company can perform your interior or exterior and residential or commercial painting services. From large scale to small touch-ups, our painters are both trained and experienced in all types of painting. In 2008 we received a BBB award for our “no complaints” status. We are platinum members of Business Networking International, North Denver Chapter. We take our work very seriously and are the right company for your painting needs. We welcome the opportunity to show you why.

Longmont Painting Company Does Commercial and Residential

Our Painting contractors are well rounded because they are trained in both commercial and residential projects. Being experienced in one often benefits the other, and it also means we have more manpower since our employees know both and aren’t limited. Our painting company in Longmont has all the trained experts, professional equipment and manpower to handle your job, regardless of the scale. We put just as much effort into small-scale jobs as we do into our larger jobs.

Interior or Exterior Paint by Longmont Company

Different circumstances require different paints, no two jobs are the same and should be not be treated as such. Our painting contractors know all about paint chemistry and application techniques. Outdoor paints need increased resin and pigment, and more resilient additives to handle the weather and sun. Interior paints need to handle abrasion and must handle various cleaning agents as the wall becomes dirty. Our painters in Longmont know how to pick exactly the right paint to fit your needs, and how to apply it so you can enjoy it for years.

Other Painting Services Our Longmont Technicians Offer

Our painting services aren’t limited to paints, that’s a common misunderstanding. We do epoxy coatings on garage floors, stain fences, decks, porches as well as other outdoor structures. We are proud to use Benjamin Moore ® products because as they are unmatched their quality. Through extensive training, and consistency, our Longmont painters have learned exactly how to apply them to guarantee longevity. If there is something painting related that you need done and don’t see it on our website, give us a call today.

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Precision Painting & Finishing can handle any interior or exterior painting project in Longmont. Whether you need a commercial or residential painting contractor, you can trust us to provide a great looking paint job that will look great for years to come. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate or learn more about our comprehensive line of painting, staining and coating services.  

Precision Painting & Finishing is a full service painting, staining and garage floor coating company located in Broomfield, CO. Our team can handle any interior or exterior painting project for your Colorado home!


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