Interior Painting Contractor Services in Lafayette, CO

Whether for a commercial or residential project, our interior painting contractors have the training and experience to properly undertake your painting job in Lafayette. Our interior painters work around your schedule to ensure minimal interruption to your family and or employees, and the result will be professional results that you will be able to enjoy for years. Save yourself the hours of work, and unforeseen problems by hiring us—we are ready to take on your next interior painting project.

Residential Interior Painting Company in Lafayette

Many homeowners will start an interior painting job with the best of intentions, only to quickly get in over their heads. They might even end up with the result that wasn’t intended. Our professional interior painting service will do the job right the first time, and in an efficient manner that works around your schedule. Save yourself the hassle and headache, let us do your next painting project.

Lafayette’s Premier Commercial Interior Painters

Commercial interior painting requires different considerations than residential. Sometimes there are logos or graphics in hallways or conference rooms. The halls experience much higher traffic than most homes. Employees and the public often have access to the several areas across multiple levels. The paint utilized for these areas needs to be extremely durable and resist mold and mildew, and other common elements. Regardless of the scope or scale of your commercial work in Lafayette, we are the interior painting company that can get it finished properly.

Traits of Interior Paint in Lafayette

Interior painting contractors use paints that are durable enough to resist abrasion and must bond to a variety of surfaces. It is imperative that the paint dry fast, and without releasing high Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, that exterior paints can release. This is to ensure that anyone inside the Lafayette building is not susceptible to potentially dangerous fumes. Interior paint should have the ability to be scrubbed and cleaned without fading. It needs to be thin enough that it hides brush marks while drying.

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Precision Painting & Finishing can handle any interior or exterior painting project in Lafayette. Whether you need a commercial or residential painting contractor, you can trust us to provide a great looking paint job that will look great for years to come. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate or learn more about our comprehensive line of painting, staining and coating services. 

Precision Painting & Finishing is a full service painting, staining and garage floor coating company located in Broomfield, CO. Our team can handle any interior or exterior painting project for your Colorado home!


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